Who we serve


>We help students find reliable agencies or independent advisors to assist their application

>We provide students who wish to apply independently with information from our database and information services

>We provide business incubator and investment, employment advise, headhunting service and Beijing Hukou consulting


>We recommend suitable returnee candidates pointedly

>We provide potential candidates with professional and skills training

Study abroad agency service provider

>Agencies are incorporated into our agency quality rating system and could obtain rich customer resources

>We share experience and data with small agencies and independent advisors, and help them build credit profile and obtain satisfactory economic rewards

>We assist partner institutions, and provide training to small agencies and independent advisors

Overseas universities

>We help universities with quality guarantee to achieve the goal to recruit the best students minimum marketing costs

>Our partnership enhances working efficiency

Domestic universities

> We will co-develop officially approved Sino-foreign joint educational programs

> We make excellent partner for international educational programs